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What should I bring and what can’t I bring?

When coming to camp you want to be prepared.  The best way to accomplish this is to download our Suggested Packing List and use it as your packing guide. CN Suggested Packing List

What if I forget to bring something from home?

If you have forgotten something simple, like a toothbrush, we’ll be able to take care of those items.  On the other hand if you have forgotten something more important, like doctor prescribed medication or spending money, we will gladly notify your parents and make arrangements for those items to be brought to you.

How will I know where to go or what to do when I get to camp?

When you arrive for camp on Sunday afternoon you will report first to the Chapel for registration.  If you’re unfamiliar with where the Chapel is located on our campus simply look for any member of our staff (they’ll be the ones in matching shirts) and they will gladly direct you where to go.

What is the cost for a week of camp?

At Camp Nathanael you can attend camp for free by completing a seven lesson Bible course.  This option is available for students who live in eastern Kentucky.  If you don’t happen to live in eastern Kentucky or you do not wish to attend camp for free the fee is $175.00 for the week.

Do any of the activities cost extra?

The majority of activities you will participate in while at camp are free of additional costs.  The only exceptions to this rule include handcraft projects, rocketry (if you wish to keep your rocket), the large group camp photo, a copy of the week’s highlight DVD, snacks and souvenirs.

Do I get to choose activities?

As you progress in age while attending camp you receive increasing freedom and opportunities in choosing your activities.  For campers grades fourth through fifth you’ll participate in all activities as a cabin.  Meanwhile those campers in grades sixth through twelfth are allowed to select their activities.

What is there to do while at Camp?

There is so much to do at camp sometimes we have trouble fitting it all in.  Some things you’re sure to find each summer include our swimming pool, water slide, horseback riding, handcrafts, and target sports.  Other activity choices vary by age and include our 40 feet high climbing tower, mountain boarding and rocketry.  For details on all our activities take a look at our Sports & Activities.

Can my parents visit me during the week?

We ask that your parents do not visit you during the week.  However we invite each camper’s family to our Friday afternoon Field Day activities.  Beginning at 1:30 PM on Friday your family can watch and encourage you as you compete in team activities both on the field and in the pool.  We end the afternoon with our traditional Field Day cookout, free for everyone.

How would you describe the cabins?

Our cabins provide a restful place to spend your nights while at camp.  Each cabin is furnished with bunk beds.  Most cabins include a sink while others include a full bathroom.  Those which do not include a full bathroom are just a short walk from a public restroom.

How would you describe the food?

The food at Camp Nathanael is always good! OK, maybe we’re biased.  Regardless, we have a cooking staff that takes pride in providing you with a great meal each and every time you enter the dining room.  We adjust our menu to suit the needs of that week’s age group.  You are certain to find food you’ll enjoy!

Can I have snacks (pop, candy, etc.)?

We do not allow campers to bring their own snacks.  On the other hand we offer snacks for sale twice a day during your store period, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Are the campers always supervised?

Campers are always supervised.  To provide you with the safest camping experience you will be accompanied at and between each activity by a member of our staff.

Will my parents be notified if I have an accident or illness?

During your week at camp a certified nurse will be on staff and on call 24 hours a day.  In the rare event you become seriously ill or have an accident the nurse will care for you and we will notify the person you provided as your emergency contact during registration.  This is pretty uncommon so try not to lose any sleep over it.

What if I get homesick?

Everyone experiences homesickness at some point in their life.  When you’re at camp you’ve got to try pretty hard to become homesick, there are simply too many fun activities to even think about home.  Don’t let the thought of becoming homesick keep you from one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

What if I don’t know anyone at Camp when I arrive?

Don’t worry if you come to camp not knowing any of the other campers.  This will quickly change.  If you try hard enough you might be able to avoid making any new friends during Monday’s registration. However once you make it to your cabin and meet your fellow bunkmates you’ll have more friends than you can count.  OK, you’ll probably be able to count them, but you get the idea.

Can I get mail or packages?

You bet!  Each day at lunch we have mail call. Those campers who received mail on that day are given their mail at the end of lunch.  If someone wants to write you while you’re at camp they can send it addressed to you c/o Camp Nathanael, PO BOX 129, Emmalena, KY 41740.

How do you select your staff?

We put great time and effort into carefully selecting our summer staff.  Each applicant completes a selection process involving a submitted application and three letters of reference.  Only after we have found the applicant to be of strong spiritual integrity and willing to serve do we invite them to join our team.

How many campers are at camp each week?

The number of campers any given week of the summer can range between 60 and 120 campers.