Exploring creation through interactive field trips

Wanderings is a one-day Christian-based nature/science field trip hosted by Camp Nathanael. Each fall any public, private or home school interested is welcome to attend during any day of our four week time window. Please note that registration is required.

This year our program is entitled: OUR POWER PACKED EARTH: Featuring the Scientific Method! Every session will be hands-on! Your students will sluice for minerals, study the workings of our soil for gardening, crawl through a ‘coal mine’ and try their hand at using the Scientific Method to adequately solve a problem through experimentation. Our goal is to advance what you are already doing in your classroom by reinforcing various scientific disciplines including Science, Agriculture, Geology and the Arts through Drama.

Wilderness Wanderings offers six programs rotating on an annual basis. Care is taken to build these, as much as possible, around the public school curriculum for grades Kindergarten through eighth. We utilize age-related and hands-on activities developed through a series of ten short and interactive workshops relating to the year’s overall theme.

Rest assured members of our teaching staff have been teachers in the professional world, college graduates in related fields, have their Masters Degree, or have been trained in Outdoor Education fields. Quality is of the utmost importance to us.








With opportunities suited for every skillset and personality, there’s definitely spot for you on our team.


Teachers|| Kitchen help|| Artists|| Handymen || Store Monitors


Camp Nathanael’s Outdoor Education program has been providing a well-rounded, educational field trip experience for area public schools for over 25 years. We desire to provide support and reinforcement of learning standards required by the state for our local schools. Our six-year revolving program is always geared toward meeting the Kentucky State-wide core requirements as well as providing knowledge with will assist with spring state-wide testing.

For four weeks straight, roughly 200 public school students join us at Camp Nathanael for this thrilling and educational program.

If you love children and you love seeing children learn science/history from a Christian perspective, you will enjoy volunteering for our award winning Outdoor Education program.






Registration for the Wilderness Wanderings program is $3.00 per student. This fee covers insurance while at our facilities and a small program cost. Schools arrive at 9 AM and leave later that afternoon at 2 PM. Schools are asked to pack a picnic lunch for their students since concessions will be limited. Be sure to register well in advance. Space is limited and fills quickly.

To register or for more information please contact:
Rick & Cathy Franklin
Emmalena, KY 41740

phone | 606.657.1940
email | cathy.franklin@campnathanael.org, rick.franklin@campnathanael.org