Introducing our Mission Staff

Mark and Celeste Clark

Mark and Celeste has served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for 30 years. Mark and Celeste has served as Character Education teachers, Bible teachers, Maintenance, and many other roles around Camp Nathanael. Mark currently serves as the High School Ministry Coordinator, and Celeste leads Kids Klub here at Camp.

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Josh and Marti Feltner

Josh and Marti Feltner have two high school daughters, Rachel and Rylie, and currently have 3 special additions to their family, Makenzie, Caroline, and Peyton.  They have served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission since March of 2009. Josh has served as the Business Manager and was recently appointed as the Executive Director of the Mission. Marti serves as the Medical Director, and works with UK Women’s Health.


Josh and Marti both grew up in Eastern Kentucky, and Marti was a 6 year camper at Camp Nathanael. After being sent into full time ministry with SMMM while members of Hindman First Baptist Church, they planted Harvest Baptist Church in Lotts Creek where Josh currently pastors.


Josh has a Bachelor’s degree from both Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky as well as a Master’s degree from Austin Peay State University and is working toward a Master’s of Divinity through Southern Seminary in Louisville. Marti has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree through Eastern Kentucky University.

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Rick and Cathy Franklin

Ricky and Cathy have been blessed with 6 children, David, Brianna, Zach, Alanna, Cody, and Ellora. They have served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for twenty-two years.

Rick serves as the Perry County Supervisor for the Character Education courses. Both, Rick and Cathy, lead the Outdoor Education ministry at Camp Nathanael. Rick pastors Rock Fork Bible Church, and Cathy organizes community ladies bible studies. Rick completed his Master’s degree in Counseling. Cathy completed her Master’s degree in Education and taught as a college professor for two years. Cathy also homeschooled all six of her children.

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Jonathan and Autumn Fretz

Jonathan and Autumn Fretz have a year old son with another addition arriving in June 2019. Jonathan and Autumn met serving with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission. Jonathan has served in our Maintenance department for twenty years. Autumn has taught in our Character Education Classes in local school districts for five years.

Jonathan originally resided in Lancaster, PA where his sending church, Grace Mennonite faithfully supports his service here at Scripture Memory Mountain Mission. Jonathan served four summers on Summer Staff before transitioning to full time service with SMMM. Autumn grew up in Southeastern Kentucky and was sent into full time ministry by Montgomery Baptist Church which is located five miles from Camp Nathanael. Since a very early age, Autumn has been serving children locally through substituting, her church, and camp ministry.

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Clark and Grace Henderson

Clark and Grace Henderson have three children Grant Henderson, Tess, and Jackie. Clark and Grace have served together with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for nineteen years. Clark has served all nineteen years as our Food Service Director, and Grace continues to serve as a Character Education Teacher in the local school systems.

Clark and Grace are sent into full time ministry through the support of Hindman First Baptist Church in Hindman, Kentucky. Prior to his service with SMMM, Clark completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and attended Culinary school. Clark served twenty years in public school and college food service departments before full time ministry with Camp Nathanael.

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James and Samantha Lewis

James and Samantha Lewis have one high school son, Alex. James and Samantha have served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for one year as mission appointees. Together, they lead Camp Nathanael’s Equine department and teach Character Education courses in Leslie County school system.

James and Samantha come to serve with Scripture Memory with a variety of skills including farming and experience in a lumber mill. Samantha currently works as a Nurse Practitioner with a local healthcare provider.

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Jeff and Beth McIntyre

Jeff and Beth McIntyre have three children, Tyler, Cameron, and Miranda. Jeff and Beth have served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for twenty-nine years.

Jeff and Beth attended Grand Rapids School of Bible & Music and was sent on the mission field through the support of Grandville Bible Church in Michigan.

Jeff currently serves as our Camp Director and was recently appointed as Facilities Director. Beth serves as our newly appointed SMMM Office Manager. Throughout the years, Beth has also managed the Camp Store and served on multiple committees here at Camp Nathanael.

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Tim and Michelle Moushon

Tim and Michelle Moushon have three daughters, Kristen, Halie, and Jessika. Tim and Michelle have served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for 10 years, serving as Character Education Teachers and in the food service department. Tim also serves through our Voice of Camp Nathanael ministry as well as interim pastor of Mayking Baptist Church in Letcher County. Michelle assists with food preparation and service during all the camp activities and programs.

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John Newell

John Newell has served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for forty-six years. During his time with Scripture Memory, he has taught Character Education courses in Leslie County. John also lead the Handcraft ministry at Camp Nathanael for many years.

In his community, John has served as a teacher within the public schools, photographer, bus driver, and sports broadcaster, coach, and fire chief of Thousand Sticks Volunteer Fire Department.



Grace Olson

Grace Olson has served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for a year and a half. During that time, Grace completed an internship with Camp Nathanael and now serves as a full-time mission appointee. Grace lives and serves in Harlan County as a Character Education teacher in the local school districts.

Grace graduated from Frontier School of the Bible with a Bible major and an emphasis in Christian education. Grace has experience in summer camp ministry, including three summers at several different Bible camps across the country.

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Hannah Ostrander


In November 2018, Hannah Ostrander began serving with SMMM as a full- time mission appointee. Hannah has served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission on summer staff (three summers) as well as six months as an Office Assistant in 2017. Since becoming a mission appointee, Hannah serves as a teacher for the Character Education classes in Perry County as well as the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for SMMM.

Hannah grew up in Athens, Georgia with her three siblings and parents, Bob and Paige. Hannah has lived in Southeastern Kentucky for the past two years, serving with a local church. She completed a Bachelor’s degree from Toccoa Falls College in Counseling Psychology with a minor in Biblical Studies.

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Dan and Barb Plitt

Dan and Barb Plitt began serving with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission in December of 1966. Dan and Barb have two children and five grandchildren. Their son, David, lives in Coloma, MI, and their daughter (Beth McIntyre) currently serves with her husband and children on staff with SMMM.

Over their fifty two years of service, Dan and Barb have faithfully met many needs in the SMMM Office including roles as Business Manager and Bookkeeper. Dan and Barb also work to maintain Mission Mailing Lists, bulk mailings, printing and assembling a multitude of materials for SMMM and Camp Nathanael. Dan and Barb have fifty two years of on the job learning and experience as they continue to serve with SMMM.

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Daniel and Abby Stanley

Daniel and Abby Stanley joined Scripture Memory Mountain Mission in November 2016. In January 2019, Daniel and Abby began ministry with Camp Nathanael as fully supported missionaries. Since beginning ministry full-time, Daniel is training to assist with the financial and business responsibilities at Scripture Memory. Abby has begun serving as a Character Education teacher in Perry County and supervises the Housekeeping department at Camp Nathanael.

Daniel grew up in California, and Abby spent her childhood and young adult life both in Indiana and Oklahoma. They met at Cornerstone Bible Institute where they both graduated. Daniel has completed his Master’s degree from Bethany Divinity Seminary in Dothan, Alabama. Together, they have experience in serving in Vacation Bible Schools, youth groups, and various camp programs.

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Larry and Cindy Toner

Larry and Cindy Toner have been blessed with two children, Josh and Erin. Larry and Cindy have served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for thirty-nine years. They were sent and faithfully supported by Grace Mennonite Church in Lansdale, PA.

Larry and Cindy have helped to serve in various roles throughout the ministry during their service with SMMM. Currently, Larry serves at the Interim director for SMMM and as a Character Education teacher in Harlan County. Cindy helps to fulfill needs in the Food Service department during all of SMMM activities and events.

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Jim and Joyce White

Jim and Joyce White have five children, Nathan, Rachel, Elizabeth, Leah, and John. Jim and Joyce have served with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission for seventeen years. Since January 2002, Jim has served in our Maintenance department as the Maintenance Supervisor at Camp Nathanael. Joyce serves as the Committee Chair of the Ladies Craft Fellowship, and teaches Bible classes and Kids Klub during the summer camp program.

Jim completed an Associate’s degree in Applied Science from Paul D. Camp Community College in Virginia and worked in construction for twenty years prior to his and Joyce’s transition to full time ministry with SMMM. Joyce faithfully homeschooled her five children and has much experience in children’s programs and music ministry.

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